Host a Light City Martial Arts Birthday Party!!

Try something new for your child's birthday party! We assure you they will not forget it!
We want to give you and your child options so this is what we have to offer;

Choose from one of 3 Themes

1. Martial Arts party
-Choose between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Kickboxing
-Techniques  will be taught to all participants for 30 minutes
-Games will be lead by the instructor for 30 minutes
2. Nerf War
-Target practice, team games, and of course the big nerf war
-These events will take place for 1 hour.
3. Carnival
-This is probably a good choice for little ones!
-If you choose the carnival, we will have the games but you will need to provide someone to man the games. 
-You can choose up to 7 games. We will man one game. 
-You can provide prizes for the games if they win or tickets to get prizes at the end of the party. Ask Meghan for more information about how that can work

- $150 for 2 hours. 
-This covers 10 kids. It will be $10 per kid after the first 10.

-2 hour party - 1 hour for cake and presents, 1 hour for planned activities. 
-You can show up 30 minutes prior to party to set up.
-More time can be purchased for $1/minute

Thank you for choosing us to celebrate your special event!!