Light City After School Program is a practical and constructive alternative to daycare or baby sitting. By allowing the members to participate in a structured and comprehensive martial arts ASP, we are able to provide an environment that is conducive to all of the positive character elements that are needed for your child to develop into a world class citizen.

Your child WILL participate in physical exercise. They will also learn discipline, manners, respect for teachers and others, as well as build a foundation for positive self-esteem. 

In addition, we will focus on bully proof and self defense techniques to enhance your child's ability to defend themselves. 

Program Details

Light City ASP times will be from 3pm to 5:30pm, Monday-Friday.

Price of the program is $50/week and payments must be made via auto-draft.

Parents are welcome to drop off their child(ren) at 3:30pm or transportation will be provided from local schools.  

Parents who request transportation for their child(ren) will be required to pay each weeks full rate, regardless of absentees, holidays, or school breaks. 

Parents who choose to drop off their child(ren) will be required to pay each weeks full rate only during the weeks school is in session

All payments will be placed on hold during the summer

 *Snacks will be available for purchase* 



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Aug 10, 8:00 PM
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