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Jigoro Kano

-A Japanese educator, athlete, and founder of Judo

-Mottos attributed to Kano

                a. “Maximum efficiency with minimum effort”

                b. “Mutual welfare and Benefit”

-Judo means – Ju =”pliancy” + do = “The way”

Mitsuyo Maeda

-considered the “toughest man who ever lived” by Carlos Gracie Sr.

Carlos Gracie Sr.

-considered one of the primary developers of modern jiu-jitsu in Brazil

Carlos Gracie Jr

-Founder of the International Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF)

Jean Jacques Machado
-7th Degree Coral (Red/Black) Belt
Matt Baker

-Black belt under Jean Jacques Machado in 2007

-Founder of Trujitsu

Nathan Lott

-Received his black belt from Jucao in 2016

-Founder and head instructor of Excelsior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

-Now trains under Matt Baker

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